Natural Remedies for Cats – 20 Top Health Tips

It is becoming more and more recognised that natural or alternative treatments can be beneficial for both pets and humans. Whilst a trip to the vet or doctors should not be discounted when faced with an injury or illness, herbal and natural remedies can work side by side with conventional medicine. Here are just a few remedies that are commonly used by cat owners.


Ginko Biloba

This has a powerful anti-inflamatory action and inhibits bronchial constriction and hyper sensitivity. It can aleviate symptoms as diverse as asthma alergies and memory problems.

It is best crushed into the food, but is not recommended for pregnant or lactating cats.

2)Bacterial infection/Immune System

Bee Propolis

Propolis has been used throughout history to fight germs. It has been used to heal wounds and tumours and also for abscesses. It is probably one of the most effective natural antibiotics ever and has antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties.

Bee propolis is available in tablet form and also as a cream

3)Bad Breath

Aloe Vera Toothpaste.

Known for its healing properties, some aloe vera has been shown to have beneficial effects in the treatment of various mouth problems from gingivitus to bad breath. The paste is generally mixed with Bee propolis for added antibacterial asistance.

Be aware though, not all aloe vera is suitable for cats. The gel is not toxic, but the latex can cause problems for your dog or cat so make sure if you do buy any aloe vera it has no latex at all in its ingredients.

Bee Propolis

Strengthens the immune system and is antibacterial. Some bacteria are extemely sensitive to propolis.


One of its principal functions is combating bad odors, bad breath as well as body odor. This is apparently due to the magnesium it contains.


This belongs to the Labiate family which helps improve rheumatism, neuralgia, liver conditions, teeth and breath.

4)Cure Alls & First Aid

A selection of natural remedies have been shown to improve just about any sickness. Its always worthwhile therefore to keep at least one of them in your first aid kit. Here are some of the most popular.

Rescue Remedy

A combination of five herbs which comfort and reassure. It is also excellent for depression and stress. Use at times of extreme shock or when introducing a new cat into the household (give some to the existing cat and take some yourself!) This amazing remedy can be bought at most chemists now.

Aloe Vera Gel

Can be applied topically to wounds or burns or taken internally for Bowel problems. It is excellent for treating skin problems such as psoriasis and Eczema and also stud tail! Apply liberally! The best Aloe Vera can be bought online. The health shops do tend to have dilute versions.


Only very small quantities can improve digestion, coat, growth and boost the immune system.Chlorella does not have an immediate effect but is ideal for long term maintenance and illnesses.

Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll and is said to purify the blood, cleansing it of toxins, combat anemia, rejuvinates and revitilises, stimulates the immune system, normalises blood pressure and combats bad odors.

5)Digestive disorders.

Slippery Elm powder.

This has been used in herbal remedies for over 100 years. It is a nutritious food that was originally made into a type of pudding for those who had weak stomachs. Slippery elm is soothing , eases digestion and works with the body to draw out the impurities.

A small amount added to the food can benefit any digestive upset.

Aloe Vera Gel.

A teaspoonful a day mixed in with the food can improve your cats digestion from within. Called the ‘Miracle Plant’, Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to treat various disorders. The abundance of vitamins and minerals in this juice (including the rare B12) makes this a vital supplement for vegetarians too.


For upset bowels Some cats like it as is, but many people mix it with with a wet food. This can be bought in cans from health food shops or fresh from the supermarket.

6)Eye Infections


Commonly known as marigold, the leaves can be boiled and applied to wounds or a clean extract used to bathe the eyes. Marigold has very good antibacterial properties.


Eliminates discomforts in the mouth (gum inflammation), throat and eyes.

7)Fatigue / Old age

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen contains a broad spectrum of essential nutrients and is an ideal pick me up for the fatigued or old cat. It has all the B complex vitamins and also A,C,D,E and K, which together provide more nutrients per calorie than an other nutritional supplement.


Home made remedies

Some owners swear by things, such as vinegar, others choose a more natural route of making their own shampoo. See one example here:

9)Growth Promoter


This single-celled fresh water algae has been shown to stimulate growth and accelerate the healing process. It is ideal as a supplement in the food of under weight kittens and will also stimulate the immune system.

Chlorella can be found in some health shops (although not many) and on the web. It is generally available in capsule or powder form.


Royal Gelly

This enhances the bodies metabolism as it is rich in natural B complex vitamins.

Readily available from chemists and online it is in tablet or capsule form and can be simply added to the food.

11)Injuries and burns

Aloe Vera Gelly

Historically this has been used for the treatment of cuts and burns. It is excellent as a first aid treatment and helps to alleviate scaring.


Prevents or alleviates bruising and swelling and is therefore good to use if a cat has any type of operation or injury, or even again after giving birth. It’s good for humans too to speed up recovery time after operations and apparently arnica cream is a good way.

For humans to get rid of love bites!!

12)Intestinal Parasites/worms


Garlic has been used for centuries to treat worms and can be safely administered via food once a day for 15 days.

It is best used crushed but can be obtained in capsules which can be broken and poured on the food.

13)Liver and Kidney


This originates in China where it is used as a traditional remedy for a variety of ailments. Rich in amino acids it nourishes the liver and kidneys. It also improves circulation and aids in hearing and vision problems.


Garcinia Cambogia.

The fruit from the south of india tree – Garcinia Cambogia.

This contains a very special compound which reduces the body’s production of fats from carbohydrates so the animal burns existing fats and this aids in weight loss. It also acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

Available in capsule form usually which must be given in a little food just before the main meal.

15)Pregnancy and Birth Problems

Raspberry leaf Caulophyllum

For pregnancy and birth. Raspberry leaf is a herbal remedy and caulophyllum is a homeopathic remedy and they do similar things. They tone the muscles of the uterus to ensure that contractions are strong, and guard against uterine inertia, where contractions fade out before its all over. They are generally recommended for cats which have experienced problems giving birth.



This is useful in a variety of illnesses but has shown beneficial signs in the treatment of Rheumatism. It has a cleansing effect in the blood system and stimulates the production of bile.

Dandelion is available in some health shops.


Rescue Remedy

One drop directly in the cats mouth will comfort and reassure.

See ‘Cure all & First Aid for more information.

18)Skin Problems

Aloe Vera Gelly

This is both soothing and healing. If applied directly to the skin it can be used to treat most skin conditions and its antibiotic properties are especially welcome.

19)Stud Tail

Aloe Vera Gelly

Applied daily on the area this will help to lift out any of the grease associated with stud tail.

Bee Propolis cream

The antibiotic properties of this cream will fight any infections normally associated with stud tail and stimulate the growth of new hair.

20)Travel Sickness


Treats nausea, travel sickness, dizziness and stress.

Available in tablet form to mix in with the food.

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